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Inventory Planning

Grow Sales, Increase Cash Flow, Buy with Confidence

Have you ever wondered why sales can increase but the bank balance doesn’t?

Inventory planning, or “Open to Buy”, can be the biggest difference between barely scraping buy and owning a profitable business where you can pay yourself for the hard work you put in. Once you’ve gotten the right tools in place, it’s time to put this new data to work.

Streamline Retail uses the most advanced inventory planning tool on the market to give you a clear purchasing plan, markdown strategy, and discover unseen profit in your business. Our goal is to put more cash in your pocket while we see your business grow.

Each month, we’ll deliver a clear plan that will include:

  • Your open to buy, on a category level, for the upcoming month, season, and even further down the road.
  • A clear markdown strategy, on a category level, to clear old inventory and bring in the new goods your customer is looking for.
  • Clear takeaways for increasing margins and not leaving potential money on the table.

Open to Buy gives you the confidence to know that you have the right product at the right time to help your business thrive.

We are retail experts that will help you grow online.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise addresses all of the unique challenges that retailers must face to run a business – including point of sale, ecommerce, payment processing, network support, and inventory control.