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What if you could focus more attention on the parts of your retail business that you actually love? Our small, friendly team will help you choose, set up and master all aspects of your store – including point of sale, ecommerce, IT support, and inventory control.

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How do you measure up?

Avoid these 5 mistakes that will make inventory control a costly headache

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Spend less time fighting technology and more time growing your business

If you’re running a retail store, then you know the pain of having so many different systems to keep working – your ecommerce site, inventory, point of sale and payment systems, and internet.

Anytime something goes wrong, you’ve got a list of vendors you have to get on the phone with to get it fixed. Some of them don’t answer. Or some of them huff and puff at you like it’s your fault that something is not working properly.

We eliminate that nonsense completely.

Our team’s experience and skill set allow us to handle all the unique challenges of your retail business, whether you have a single store or twenty.

We work to simplify those systems as much as possible for you, so that you can focus on what you’re most passionate about in your business.

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Point of Sale

One size does not fit all.

Uncover the best solution tailored to your needs. From customer transactions to brilliant reporting, we’ll fit something just to you. We work with the best cloud-based solutions on the market for iPad, Macs and PCs.


Reach a national market

Our ecommerce experts can help create a game plan for turning your online store into a critical piece of your revenue. We’ll be your go-to support for strategy, conversion-focused design and maintenance.

Inventory Control

Know what sells and what to do next

We combine our years of retail experience and technical expertise to implement inventory tools and workflows so you’ll know what sells, what doesn’t and what to do next.

IT Support

Support Plans for any budget

Peace of mind that can only come from an ongoing relationship. We offer support plans from “pay as you go” to fixed cost managed services. A far cry from call centers in distant countries.

A Brief Case Study with Royalty Pecan Farms

BEFORE working with Streamline
  • Double the work – tracked inventory separately between online and physical store
  • No reliable data reporting to inform what products to push or how to best control inventory
  • Unable to create sales or promotions on their site
  • Waited days (often weeks) for a response from web support for a simple change to the site
AFTER working with Streamline

See where they are now →

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  • Web sales have increased dramatically (200% over last year), and we have email engagement like never before. My favorite part is that I don’t have to do anything! Streamline helps strategize and plan logistics and then they get them done. They have filled a great need and go above and beyond what is expected.

    rebekah s
    Rebekah S.
    Store manager at Royalty Pecan Farms

Trusted experts for the world’s leading retail and ecommerce solutions

We bring years of experience in integrating point of sale, ecommerce, payment, and networking solutions for retail companies.

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Meet your team

We have a team ready to help you master the challenges of running a retail business.

We’ll be your partner every step of the way to keep everything running smoothly, show you the important sales data to look at, make strategy recommendations and always root for big wins for you.