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Avoid these 5 mistakes that will make inventory control a costly headache

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If you’re running a retail store, then you know the pain of having so many different systems to keep working – your ecommerce site, inventory, point of sale and payment systems, and internet.

Anytime something goes wrong, you’ve got a list of vendors you have to get on the phone with to get it fixed. Some of them don’t answer. Or some of them huff and puff at you like it’s your fault that something is not working properly.

We eliminate that nonsense completely.

Our team’s experience and skill set allow us to handle all the unique challenges of your retail business, whether you have a single store or twenty.

We work to simplify those systems as much as possible for you so that you can focus on what you’re most passionate about in your business.

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We are retail experts that will help you master all aspects of your business.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise addresses all of the unique challenges that retailers must face to run a business – including point of sale, ecommerce, payment processing, network support, and inventory control.

Founder, Retail Expert

Josh Orr

Founder, Retail Expert
Ecommerce Director

Michael Steele

Ecommerce Director

Leah Nguyen

Marketing & Design
Retail Consultant

Theresa Riner

Retail Consultant
Retail Consultant

Pathik Shah

Retail Consultant

Trusted experts for the world’s leading retail and ecommerce solutions

We bring years of experience in integrating point of sale, ecommerce, payment, and networking solutions for retail companies.

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Meet your team

We have a team ready to help you master the challenges of running a retail business.

We’ll be your partner every step of the way to keep everything running smoothly, show you the important sales data to look at, make strategy recommendations and always root for big wins for you.