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Out of Town Clothing

Locally and family owned/operated, now growing Online

Reaching their perfect customer in a national audience

Having two thriving brick and mortar locations, Out of Town Clothing knew that the next area of growth was going to be through eCommerce. They knew they had such a unique brand but were struggling to translate this to online success.

Not to mention, complicated integrations, retail operations, and the challenges facing retailers during the pandemic, they certainly had their work cut out for them.

Ultimately, they knew they needed to create an amazing online experience that both served their local customer and helped engage a national audience. To do that, they needed to increase their online traffic, improve conversion, and keep customers coming back, all while creating smooth back-of-house operations.

OoTC Product
OoTC Collection

The in-store experience, online

Their in-store experience is second to none. The Out of Town team curates an amazing selection of products but more importantly, they provide incredible service to their customer. We knew our task was to serve their customers in a similar way online.

For Out of Town, this translated into two key features. First, they do an incredible job curating entire looks for their customers, making it easier than ever to buy a whole “look”. To do this, we implemented a full “Shop to Look”, where put-together outfits (looks) could be linked together for an easy purchasing experience. 

Second, we wanted to take a more broad approach and help those looking for a “feel” browse through curated collections of products that are strategically placed in multiple sections of the site, from the homepage to the navigation and “cross-sells” on the product page.

A plan to grow

But a site can’t grow without a plan, no matter how good the design. We needed to ensure their traffic was increasing, especially outside of their local market (why compete with yourself?) but also keep people coming back and buying again.

To do this, we helped create a plan to better utilize social media and, more specifically, Facebook Ads, to drive traffic and increase customer retention.

Not only that, but we put in place email and text automation sequences so marketing activity could be based on customer activity without taking hours and hours of work from their team.

What would it mean for your brick and mortar business to grow online?

Unlike any other eCommerce or design agency out there, we specialize only in helping brick and mortar retailers grow their online sales through beautiful conversion-centric design, retail-specific traffic, and retention strategies. If you think your brand could have the potential to grow online, we invite you to book a call below.