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Point of Sale Services

UPDATE: Streamline Retail now focuses on helping brick and mortar retailers launch + grow their business online. We are grateful to have helped retailers with their backend operations and are excited to focus on where we provide the most value.

Your point of sale should make your process more efficient, not less.

Many businesses make the mistake of taking the most simple or cheapest POS; others can pick systems that are outdated and way too complicated for their needs.

Our team works with you to make sure your system fits your business and enables you to have a robust process that fits the pieces that are unique to you.

From managing inventory to providing reports that help you plan your buying for the next season, the POS is one of the most important tools you’ll choose. We are your partner to help track your assets, inventory turnover, and valuable sales info about what is selling and who is buying.

Gone are the days of IT companies pretending to understand retail businesses. Work with a team of retail experts equipped to take on the unique needs of modern retailers to grow your business: in-store and online.

Our Point of Sale services include:

  • Selecting the right tools to fit your unique needs
  • Installation and setup of your POS
  • Training on inventory process 
  • Training on sales process 
  • Adjust existing processes to apply to an out of the box solution 
  • Configuration and setup of hardware 
  • Data conversion and migrations
  • Integrate systems
  • On-going retail and tech support

We are retail experts that will help you grow online.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise addresses all of the unique challenges that retailers must face to run a business – including point of sale, ecommerce, payment processing, network support, and inventory control.