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IT Support

Peace of mind. Just worry about the things you actually like to do.

Partnering with small businesses to make technology work.

  • We have worked with Streamline to guide all our tech decisions and they’ve been there every step of the way to help us grow. Streamline has given us the tools we need to run, protect and grow our business.

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Tech Support

As part of fixed fee and pay as you go, we’ll act like your expert on speed-dial. We get how frustrating it is to have something get in the way of your success and not knowing where to call. We want to resolve the issue as fast as possible to get you back to work.


We use the best tools on the market across various budget levels to give you the fastest most secure network available. For those wanting more out of your internet, we can offer detailed analytics around your network and for just wanting fast internet, we use the latest and greatest to give you just that in a way that is cost-effective and future-proof. 


More than ever, network security is crucial to your success. Before your company makes headlines with a security breach, work with our team to ensure you have every safeguard in place to ensure your data and your client’s data is protected.

Mobile Device Management

Whether your are a Bring-Your-Own-Device or use company provided devices, we can setup the infrastructure to manage devices, apps and content across mobile devices in a way that keeps your data safe and secure. 

Vendor Management

All tech solutions point to each other as the cause of the issue and you are left with a lot of excuses and a solution that doesn’t work. We’ll work with each vendor to ensure your solutions are working smoothly and find the cause of any problem and remedy quickly.

Flat Fee IT

Rather than worrying about how much each call will cost you, we can work out a fixed prices per month and know that we are at your service for any tech-related need. This means you have a team who is working to solve problems before they become problems and a budget-friendly approach to IT.

The Streamline Story

What started as a Point of Sale solutions company grew and grew to the point we were working full time to support the tech needs of our clients. The one theme we saw again and again: Businesses did not have a solution providers and vendors with their interest in mind. Sure, they were glad to help but who isn’t glad to help when you’re getting paid for it? We wanted to start a company that did things different. We wanted to work with our clients in a way where we succeeded when they were successful. 

This is where our Streamline Plus plan comes in. Think of it like bringing us on as your CTO (Chief Technology Officer). We’re managing devices, proactively troubleshooting network issues and making sure that computers are up to date and working efficiently. Basically, we partner with you to let you get back to working on the parts of your business you want to focus on and solving computer issues isn’t one of them. Over the last few years, we’ve been proud to establish ourselves as one of the top Apple Consultants in the Houston area. 

Want a local company with combination of skills, drive and integrity to trust with your business? Give us a call and let’s see how we can be a good fit.