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Inventory Control

Know what sells and what to do next

Inventory problems make it hard to see what’s selling or even how profitable you are

Staying on top of inventory is one of the biggest challenges for independent retailers.

From trying to make sense of stacks of paper invoices from suppliers to organizing inventory in a way that let’s you maximize your point of sale systems; inventory control can be a daunting task.

Our goal is to make that easier while making sure that you have the data you need, when that data helps you make the most important decisions about your business.

Streamline has a deep understanding of the inventory control needs of independent retailers. More importantly, we understand that your needs may be completely different from other businesses. Our process is simple:

  1. Discover your current process
  2. Adjust your workflows for efficiency and better reporting
  3. Create an efficient workflow that can scale with your business

When we’re done with the project, you and your team will be able to input inventory faster, understand what you have, what is selling quickly, and what is taking up too much room on your shelf.

How do you measure up?

Avoid these 5 mistakes that will make inventory control a costly headache

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We are retail experts that will help you grow online.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise addresses all of the unique challenges that retailers must face to run a business – including point of sale, ecommerce, payment processing, network support, and inventory control.