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Retail technology and ecommerce services

Flat fee pricing. No surprise invoices. No blown budgets.

Brick and Mortar

Projects starting at $1200


Choosing the wrong POS and ecommerce solutions for your needs is an expensive problem. We’ll look at the big picture and create a written game plan to choose the best platforms for your business.

Store Setup and Onboarding

Get your store completely setup with the tools that you need. We also offer extensive training to teach your team the best processes for inventory and operations to make things run as smoothly as possible for you.

Inventory Control

Inventory can be a big headache that constantly piles up on you. We’ll help train you on how to master your processes so that you stay on top of inventory counts and run the reports you need to see what’s selling and what’s just sitting on the shelves.

Tech Support

We’ll learn your business inside and out and support you every step of the way. We offer support plans to fit any budget, from pay as you go to fixed-cost managed services. A far cry from call centers in distant countries.


Projects starting at $3000

Online Store Setup

Starting from a clean slate? We’ll help you choose a platform and get your store installed, designed and products added. In addition, we can help train your staff and offer ongoing support for your site.

Platform Migrations

On a shopping cart platform that feels restrictive and is not keeping up with modern ecommerce? We can get you moved over to the top platforms that will be a perfect fit with your products, volume, and point of sale.

Design and Marketing

The two most important metrics to growing your online store are raising conversions (people who make a purchase) and the lifetime value of your customers. Our design and marketing services revolve around improving those metrics for you.

Inventory Integration

Get your online store synced with your point of sale so that you manage your inventory and sales in one single place, rather than having to duplicate all of your efforts and create a bunch of unnecessary work for your staff. This also improves your sales reports to include both sales channels together.