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Sales Traffic Goal Calculator

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Sales Traffic Goals


How to Interpret the Results

You may have established your revenue goals for the year, but do you know how that breaks down on a weekly basis for your store?

This calculator will help you determine what traffic goals you should be aiming for in your store in order to hit your annual revenue goal.

Annual sales goal – The total revenue that you are determined to make from a store over the entire calendar year.

Sales per week needed – How much revenue your store needs to bring in each week (on average) to meet your annual sales goal.

Average order value (AOV) – The average amount for each order placed at your store [AOV = Total Revenue / Total Orders]

Store conversion rate – How often a visitor to your store ends up making a purchase [CR% = (Total Orders / Total Visitors) * 100]

Visitors needed per week – How many visitors you need in your store each week to meet your annual sales goal.