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We are retail experts that will help you master all aspects of your business.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise addresses all of the unique challenges that retailers must face to run a business – including point of sale, ecommerce, payment processing, network support, and inventory control.

Our Leadership

Josh Orr Founder & CEO

Josh Orr, founder of Streamline Retail, has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of retail businesses in elevating their in-store and online presence. Whether it’s making store scaling online growth or creating better marketing strategies, Josh has been able to assist retailers grow to the next level.

Josh Orr speaking
Michael Steele

Michael Steele Ecommerce Director

Michael Steele has spent the last 11 years partnering with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through digital marketing, web design and the latest eCommerce strategies. It’s something he genuinely enjoys and is a big reason for his involvement at Streamline.

The Game Plan

Our process is tailored to meet your unique needs, but the milestones are always the same.

1. Roadmap

We’re not going to push solutions on you that you don’t need. We look at the bigger picture of where you’re at and where you need to go before we make recommendations.

2. Implementation

We now know the exact solutions that will work best for your retail business and for the phase you are in. Our focus is to now get them all working together to save you time and avoid distractions from selling your products.

3. Training

Once your new systems are in place, we train you and your team on how to use them efficiently – including the day-to-day operations, as well as how to run valuable sales reports to give you insight on your customers.

4. Support

If something goes wrong with your point of sale, ecommerce site, or network, you’re not left to fend for yourself. We offer ongoing support to keep your business running efficiently. You just focus on selling cool stuff.

Our specialty is retail and making technology help your bottom line – not distract from it.

We started as a point of sale solutions company that grew to working full time to support all of the tech and ecommerce needs of our clients.

The one theme we saw again and again: retail businesses have too many vendors with not enough support.

We saw the need for a single partner that can help advise on, implement and manage the unique challenges that retailers have to face.

Our expertise in providing point of sale, ecommerce and IT services allowed us to go all in to be that partner for you.

If you’re needing a local expert that can help you master those essential pieces of your business…if you’re tired of having to contact a different person for every single thing that goes wrong in your store…if you’re tired of tech headaches getting in the way of doing what you actually want to do

let’s talk soon.

Meet your team

We have a team ready to help you master the challenges of running a retail business.

We’ll be your partner every step of the way to keep everything running smoothly, show you the important sales data to look at, make strategy recommendations and always root for big wins for you.